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Order Your Prescriptions

For medication requests/ queries, please use the form at the bottom of the page




Order Your Prescriptions 

The NHS App is the quickest way to order repeat medication. The App displays the medication you are currently on and gives you access to your medical records too.

Click here for more information on the NHS App.

You can also use Patient Access to order repeat medication.

Please Note: you now need a mobile phone as this requires “2 factor authorisation” i.e. send you a code to allow you to login.

If you have not yet registered to order your prescription online, or would prefer not to, you can also make a request in any of the following ways:

  • Email our admin team at – please include your name, DOB, medication required and which pharmacy you would like your prescription to be sent to. (Dispensing patients can collect from the health centre).
  • Put a written request into the box in our foyer.
  • Ask your preferred pharmacy to request medication on your behalf.
  • Or complete the form below:

Regardless of the method, please allow 3 days (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays) for your repeat prescription request to be processed.  We cannot accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone.

Please do not request your prescription if your prescription currently has more than 2 weeks remaining. Your request will be rejected. This follows national guidance to allow supply chains to restock and to ensure everyone has adequate supplies of their medication.

Please click this link to read the practice’s 28 day prescribing protocol: 28 day prescribing .



If we dispense for you, then your medication can be collected from our dispensary or from reception.

Our dispensing patients are patients who live more than 1.6 km (1 mile) from a chemist.

If you require medication urgently outside surgery hours please speak to a pharmacist at one of the pharmacies in our area. Please click here to find a local pharmacy: Find a pharmacy.

Medication Reviews

It is good practice for us to review patients who are taking regular medication at least once a year. The next review date is printed on the repeat prescription form you get with your medication.

Many types of medication need a blood test prior to your review, to ensure they are not causing side effects, or to monitor if the medication is working.  Please make this appointment with enough time for us to get the results back, before your review appointment.

If you are on more than one or two different medication, or you are having any problems with any of them, we will not be able to do this during a consultation for another issue.

Please therefore book a specific appointment for your review.  The Clinical Pharmacists run specific clinics, please either book online, or  call to book your appointment.

As prescribers we have a responsibility to make sure that your medication is still working and that it is not causing side effects.  Depending on what specific medication you use, we may not feel it is safe to give you further prescriptions, once your medication review or blood tests are too overdue.

Order your prescriptions / Medication query

  • If there are any problems with issuing your prescription, we may call you to let you know.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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