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NHS Digital National Data Opt Out: for information please click here.                                           We are inviting patients to make flu jab appointments. Please phone Reception to book an appointment.

Covid Information and Vaccination Clinics

COVID Booster Vaccination Programme – October update

Sonning Common Health Centre will be running Booster Vaccination clinics during October and November.

Those eligible (6 months or more since the 2nd COVID dose) are being contacted to book an appointment as we release new dates.  The dates for COVID Clinics confirmed so far are on Saturday 16th October, 4pm to 5:30pm, Wednesday 20th October, 2pm-6pm and Wednesday 27th October, 2pm to 6pm.  Please wait to be contacted to book an appointment.

1st and 2nd dose COVID Vaccination appointments will continue to be offered in conjunction with the Booster Clinics.  We are sending out reminder invitations to this group to book an appointment.

All patients aged 16-17 years old are eligible to receive their first Covid-19 vaccination from Sonning Common Health Centre.  This will be with the Pfizer vaccine.  Please phone our Reception team to make an appointment. We have appointments available for a Pfizer Clinic on Wednesday 20th October.

In line with government recommendations we have brought forward second vaccinations for those in Cohort 10 (40 – 49 years),  Cohort 11 (30 – 39 years) and Cohort 12 (18 – 29 years) to 8 weeks rather than 11 to 12 weeks, where possible. We have sent out reminders to all those still due their second Covid vaccination with the option to book into an available clinic using our new online booking system. Alternatively, please phone our reception team to make an appointment for your second vaccination.


Vaccination figures: 152165 patients from Sonning Common Health Centre have had a Covid-19 vaccination either directly from the practice or at a mass vaccination site.

1st Vaccination = 7525 – 90% of our Adult population

2nd Vaccination = 7200 – 86% of our Adult population

Booster Vaccination = 491

Information leaflets to read before your vaccinations – please click the links below:

Pfizer vaccine: patients will need to wait on site for 15 minutes after the vaccine has been given. Astra Zeneca vaccine: patients do not need to wait 15 minutes unless they are driving. Please walk to the health centre or arrange a lift if you can.

The Covid vaccination programme is now open to anyone 16 years and over. There are 2 vaccines being used locally in Oxfordshire: Astra Zeneca and Pfizer. The vaccines are allocated nationally and local centres do not have any influence over which vaccines they receive. Most people can have any vaccine but some people are offered certain vaccines. You should have the same vaccine for both doses unless you had serious side effects after your first dose. These are very rare reactions and if affected you will be informed that a different vaccine is necessary for your second dose. Minor side effects after having any of the vaccinations are common and not a cause for concern. These are usually mild and should not last longer than a week. They include a sore arm, feeling tired, a headache, feeling achy, feeling or being sick.

Covid Pass: an update for patients given Covid vaccines outside England: following several enquiries from patients who have received either one or both Covid vaccines outside of England, although we are entering this information on the patient’s clinical record, it is not visible on the NHS App.  Please find below current advice on this issue:

This is a very commonly reoccurring issue and is being worked on heavily behind the scenes.  However unfortunately, it is not currently possible to add details of vaccinations abroad into the NHS system.  The advice from National Vaccination Operations Centre (NVOC) is that they are working on a solution and will notify as and when the issue is resolved.

All that we can do for patients at the moment is provide a copy of the vaccination history if required, but we cannot guarantee that this will be satisfactory in all situations.

An update on the AZ batch issue: A Government spokesperson has said: “All Astra Zeneca vaccines given in the UK are the same product and appear on the NHS COVID Pass as Vaxzevria  – no Covishield vaccines have been administered in the UK. The European Medicines Agency has authorised this vaccine and we’re confident travel will not be affected. All doses used in the UK have been subject to rigorous safety and quality checks, including individual batch testing and physical site inspections, by the medicine’s regulator, the MHRA. The EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate is currently for EU citizens only, or third country nationals legally staying or resident in the EU. Ensuring safe and open travel with our global partners is a clear priority and we are engaging the European Commission on certification.” (Added on 7th July 2021).

How to access your Covid vaccination status: demonstrating your Covid vaccination status allows you to show others that you’ve had a full course of the Covid vaccine when travelling abroad to some countries or territories. A full course is currently 2 doses of any approved vaccine.  Covid vaccination status is available to people who live in England and are registered with a GP.  From Monday 17th May all of your vaccination details will be available from the NHS app or via the NHS website.  If you need a paper copy of your vaccination please call 119 who can issue this for you but allow 7 working days for it to reach you. Do not contact Sonning Common Health Centre about your Covid vaccination status. GPs cannot provide letters showing your Covid vaccination status.

Covid vaccination and blood clotting: there have been reports of an extremely rare but serious condition involving blood clots and unusual bleeding after AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccination. For patients aged 39 years and under who don’t have underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk of severe Covid disease, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has advised that it is preferable to be offered an alternative vaccine and not to give Oxford/AstraZeneca.  For those in this age group who have already had their first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine and had no adverse reactions, they should come forward for their second vaccination when invited.  For more advice and questions concerning blood clots please click on this link:

Household members of patients who are immunocompromised: we are inviting these household members for a vaccination. This includes people taking drugs which affect their immunity, those living with conditions such as HIV or MS and those undergoing chemotherapy. If you are in a bubble with someone who is immunocompromised but do not live with them or are living with an immunocompromised person who is not registered with us please contact us as we will not pick you up automatically.

Please ensure we have your up to date email address and/or mobile number so we can invite you efficiently. Please complete the update my details form on our website homepage or email

For more information about the Covid-19 vaccination please visit:

For more information on priority groups please click here: Covid-19-vaccination-first-phase-priority-groups

Frontline healthcare and frontline social care workers: if you are in this group and haven’t received a Covid vaccination please email to arrange a vaccination. If you have any queries please email .

Please be aware and vigilant about fake Covid vaccination invitations being sent by scammers. This BBC website link provides more information: – do not click on any links on emails if you are unsure about the email. Please be aware of fake phone calls too about Covid vaccination invites.

Information on Long Covid: please click here for information.


Coronavirus support groups

Sonning Common Support group: this group isn’t operating now and some volunteers have joined FISH.

Binfield Heath Covid 19 support group: contact Jon Gittoes on 07384 383564 or Amanda Jennings on 07799 038492.

Stoke Row support group: view this poster for more information: Stoke Row support information

Sonning Eye & Dunsden support group: click this link for more information: Parish of Eye & Dunsden corona support group

Highmoor Volunteers: email or call 07904 691093 (Elaine or Judi). Poster: Highmoor Volunteers flyer

Shiplake: Facebook:  or contact Joanne Stone: 0118 940 6665, email or Kate Oldridge at